Essential EBAR+ LINK by TPL Vision : connect it directly to your camera

Essential EBAR+ LINK by TPL Vision : connect it directly to your camera

As an expert for high powerful LED illumination, TPL Vision offers a new bar light, directly connectable to the camera, without any power limit : the Essential EBAR+ LINK.

In the machine vision field, the illumination solution plays an essential part. Vision specialists agree that a sharp contrast can significantly help the vision system. But the variety of systems can make the integration more difficult. Dimensional and environmental constraints are never the same. And they can even evolve in time. Then, the light has to be easily set up and used.

Equipped with a specific wiring, the Essential EBAR+ LINK can be directly connected to the camera (ex: DM300, In-sight 7000), without any power limit. Thanks to a second connector, you can power the light in 24V, if necessary. And with a third one, you can easily link the bar lights between themselves, for the synchronisation of all equipments. No need to link the whole system to an electrical cabinet. Either in continuous or strobe mode, the Essential EBAR+ LINK has very short rising times : 15 µs. And the new fixing groove on the back enables the easy mounting in the machine vision system. Obviously, the EBAR+ LINK is the easiest illumination solution to set up in the machine vision market.

The Essential EBAR+ LINK can be customised as far as dimensions, colours, lenses, diffusers and cable lengths are concerned. It is manufactured and shipped within 6 open days. As for the whole product range, it has a 3-year warranty and can be rented fo free.

Designing this new lighting solution, TPL Vision shows, once again, that the company is aware of the need to offer relevant solutions in a high technology market, constantly evolving.



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