How to Set up Lighting for Inkjet Markings?

This simple method of marking suited to almost any product is valuable especially for the food&beverage, cosmetic, pharmaceutical, aerospace, automotive and electronic industries. Its non-contact nature provides manufacturers with a method of printing onto regular or irregular surfaces, like curved plastics or glass. Inkjet printing is often seen as a cost-effective method that’s suitable for a wide range of materials. In a production environment, inkjet markings enable real-time and reliable inspection of markings for product identification and traceability purposes.


Having your camera rely solely on its integrated lighting makes its job a whole lot harder than it could be for checking optical character recognition (OCR) or optical character verification (OCV).

Indeed, if your camera comes with an integrated infrared light, the ink-jet markings will appear to disappear to the camera’s image sensor.

picture 1


Red or white LEDS: Either white or red LED light are highly recommended for highlighting characters for OCR/OCV.

LED Ring light or Diffuse dome: A ring light can provide diffused lighting to help with reading character marks. To maximise diffusion and print clarity, a dome illuminator can be added to the ring light.

Recommended products

  • MR-Dome

    • Powerful dome light
    • Overdrive, sectors, bicolour
    • 80mm and 130mm IntØ
  • Modular Ringlight

    • Powerful, modular ring light
    • OverDrive, sectors, bicolour
    • Dome + Low Angle accessories