New products

Quality products, in constant evolution

TPL Vision is specialized in high powerful LED illumination. The company can rely on an experience of more than 10 years to design and manufacture quality products, appropriate for most vision applications.

As an involved and renowned specialist, TPL Vision really cares about the choice of the components used in the manufacturing of its LED illumination products. So, the company commits itself to using only the most recent led generations, that guarantee both illumination power and stability, which are essential for a successful machine vision system. In the same way, all materials (circuits, bodies, connectors, etc.) are judiciously chosen, so as to ensure solidness and efficiency to all products. Quality is really a determining factor when the company has to decide what kind of products to use. TPL Vision’s know-how is also expressed in the selection of the manufacturing and assembly processes: only the technics that preserve LED and material integrity can be kept.

Since its creation, TPL Vision has developed many product ranges, in order to match the needs of the greatest number of vision applications. Whatever the issue may be, TPL Vision is able to offer a relevant and appropriate solution. In this respect, TPL Vision’s product ranges are regularly completed, either with new versions of products already belonging to the range, or with new products offering original illumination solutions. TPL Vision is always listening to its customer needs. And the company regularly experiments new ideas, that allow the launch of new products.

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