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The HPBACK is a high-power backlight solution for Machine Vision applications. This product is the next evolution of TPL Vision’s high running MBACK+ product, carrying significant product enhancements. Including: 30% brightness increase* in continuous working, new connector making it easier and more cost effective to integrate, improved rising and falling times of 15μs and 10μs respectively and custom sizes available in 1cm steps.

    in continuous working,
    connector with remote
    dimming control,
    available in 1cm steps.

The robust Aluminium casing of the product can be manufactured to sizes from 200 x 200mm up to 500 x 500mm or 1000 x 200mm. This range topping backlight solution is perfect for high speed backlighting applications that require intense luminous flux. Available in Red, White and Infrared, all with extremely high brightness and surface homogeneity of up to 85%. This is the solution for all backlighting applications and quality control tasks, such as: presence/absence, analysing edge defects, liquid fill level measurement and silhouetting.

The HPBack has exceptionally small borders, 4mm thick, making the useful illumination area of the light easy to integrate into your system. The LEDs are mounted with highly efficient lenses, engineered to distribute the highest brightness and uniformity balance available for Machine Vision backlights. As with all TPL Vision products, the HPBACK comes with current control integrated and are guaranteed for 3 years.

(*When compared to equivalent sizes Standard MBACK+)

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Note: Dimming 0-10V = 100% – 30%, respectively.

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