>30,000 part numbers available within 6 working days

As an expert for LED illumination dedicated to machine vision, TPL Vision policy is based upon a fundamental ability: responsiveness.

We are committed to provide a lead time of just 4-10 days for over 30,000 part numbers (for quantities of up to 5 pieces).

If standard solutions don’t fit the requirements, TPL Vision commits itself to studying, in the shortest time, customized solutions, taking into account all the specific constraints related to the project.

Besides, TPL Vision is always listening to its customer’s needs, and at the same time, keeps on inquiring about the latest technical evolutions. So, the company always keeps in mind the product ranges improvement, so as to offer only innovative LED illumination solutions.

Whatever the circumstances may be (acquisition, setting, use), TPL Vision’s engineers always demonstrate maximum availability to support purchasers, installers or users in their process. They ensure to answer their interlocutor’s question in the most rapid and efficient way. At TPL Vision’s, Responsiveness also lies in technology.

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