Versatile large backlights for machine vision in robotics

Versatile large backlights for machine vision in robotics

TPL Vision takes a step forward with its new offer of ultra-powerful large backlights dedicated to machine vision, applied to robotics.

In the robotic field, not all applications are the same. The width of the conveyor belt, the dimensions of the robots and the grippers, everything changes all the time. And it is often useful to incorporate a machine vision camera, to detect the position and the orientation of the workpieces before gripping them, which makes it even more complicated. The machine vision integrator has to adjust.

The LED illumination solutions, usually used for these applications, are backlights and «flat domes» (LED panels with a hole for the camera). Aware of the integration issue, TPL Vision has developed a new range, very versatile, but also fully designed to make the integrators’ life easier.

Thanks to the design, you can choose between a full range of option. Some reference builders, available online, can facilitate this job. Then, the product is manufactured and shipped within 6 open days, whatever the selected option, either for an order or for a loan.

Among the options : the dimensions, the colours, the lighting power, the collimation, the polarization, the wire position, the choice of a cable output, the number of holes (for flat domes).

Besides, the integration constraints are properly taken into account by TPL Vision : direct connection to 24 VDC, low thickness, thin borders, potentiometer, LED signals, multiple fixing points, robustness.

As usual for 10 years at TPL Vision’s, loans are free, prices extremely competitive, deliveries ultra-rapid everywhere in Europe, and the warranty lasts 3 years.


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