Curve Effect Tech Note Request

Do your inspection applications suffer from hot spots in the centre of your imaging area, resulting in high failure rates?

Or maybe you need to read codes / acquire images anywhere in a large Field of View (FoV) but struggle to illuminate the whole area uniformly?

Without Curve Effect
With Curve Effect

TPL Vision’s patented CURVE EFFECT can help you solve these problems.

Typically, when illuminating an imaging area, the distribution of light across the FoV causes the camera to perceive a hot spot in the centre of the FoV. This is because the reflected light is stronger in the camera’s central axis than it is at the edges of the FoV – an effect that is amplified when working with smooth or shiny surfaces.

The Curve Effect is created using a bar light with variable intensity across the length, specifically when dimming the light in the centre of the projected illumination. The Curve Effect is an extremely powerful tool for creating excellent uniformity and homogeneity over a large FoV and long working distances, such as those found in Pick and Place applications.

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