LED illumination solutions
for Machine Vision applications
Robotics specialist

TPL Vision designs and manufactures High Power LED illumination for machine vision systems. We provide various solutions to help vision integrators to build their applications in robotics, whatever the aim: sorting, pick & place, quality control, code reading, etc.
We commit to manufacturing robust and quality illuminations, offering several options (dimensions, wavelengths, lenses, diffuser, accessories…) to perfectly fit any application. Our solutions are compatible with cameras and smart cameras, with or without electronic control inside, to make integrator’s work either easy or adjustable.
For any technical question, TPL Vision’s engineers are ready to bring advice and solutions, adapted to any kind of application. Either for the acquisition, the setting or the use of a new illumination, they display all their abilities, accumulated over the years, for an efficient machine vision solution.


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TPL Vision services

Advice, support and technical documentation.
Individualized follow-up from the customer service.
+ 1 500 references available within 6 working days.
3-year warranty for most standard LED illumination.
Free loans of illumination solutions during 15 days.