Dome lights

Dome lighting in machine vision is often referred to as “cloudy day illumination” due to the non-directional reflected light it produces. The diffuse illumination of a dome light ensures the images contain less glare and shadows. Dome lights are ideal for industrial automation inspection tasks involving shiny or complex surface details that require uniform visibility. They come in two forms, either a flat-type with a camera hole in the centre for illuminating large areas, or a round dome-shaped device containing LEDs illuminating an internal reflective surface.

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  • fluorescence imaging solution

    Fluorescence Imaging Solution

    • Intense Fluorescence dome light
    • Multi-UV + White
    • Integrated BP filter

    TPL Vision’s Fluorescence Imaging Solution* (FIS) is a flexible multi-wavelength UV dome light suitable for authentication, traceability and fluorescence inspection applications. Due to its unique design that allows users to test and select multiple UV wavelengths (UV365, UV395 & UV405), the FIS is suitable for the inspection of bank notes and excise stamps, as well as inspecting various levels of UV security and brand protection features used on pharmaceutical products, electronics and luxury goods, including perfumes and aftershaves, tobacco and alcohol products, and designer-branded goods.

    Compatible with any visible spectrum camera, the FIS is an all-in-one UV solution that also maximises the safety of operators by blocking direct UV radiation through the dome and the integrated filter.

    • Powerful strobe with all current control integrated for easy setup
    • Homogeneous dome effect with proprietary finishing, suitable for complex surfaces like glass and shiny metals
    • Safe for operators thanks to dome & filter blocking all direct UV radiation
    • All-in-one UV solution with integrated LP415 filter, just place the camera

    *Patent pending

  • High Power HPFDOME

    • Powerful, easy to use flat dome
    • Tiny 4mm borders
    • Sizes from 0.04m² to 0.81m²

    The HPFDOME is a high-power flat dome illumination solution for Machine Vision applications. This product is the next evolution of TPL Vision’s flagship MFDOME+ Standard product, carrying significant product enhancements.

    Including: brightness level up to 45 kLux*, new connector making it easier and more cost effective to integrate*, improved rising and falling times of 15μs and 10μs respectively (40% Improvement*) and custom sizes available in 1cm steps (from 200 x 200mm up to 500 x 500mm or 1000 x 200mm).

    The Aluminium casing of the product can be manufactured to sizes from 200 x 200mm up to 900 x 900mm or 1900 x 400mm. This range topping illumination solution is perfect for area illuminations in robotic applications, such as pick and place, and logistics applications requiring stable images on large fields of view. Available in Red, White and Infrared, the LEDs are mounted with highly efficient lenses, engineered to distribute the highest brightness and uniformity balance for the dome lighting applications.

    (* in continuous working, measured at the surface with the WHITE LED version of the product).

  • Medium MFDOME+ OverDrive

    • OverDrive strobe flat dome
    • Dimming via potentiometer
    • Sizes from 0.04m² to 0. 81m²

    Both powerful and very diffuse, the Medium Flat MFDOME+ Overdrive can deal with many machine vision applications. The MFDOME+ has been designed to detect small pieces in a container, to highlight thermoformed products or also to improve contrasts on workpieces made of several materials. It works in continuous and strobe mode, with very short rising and falling times25 μs and 15 μs.

    Equipped with very thin borders, the MFDOME+ uniformly illuminates from the whole useful surface, included from the edges. No hot spot to notice ! Very thin, the MFDOME+ gets a hole in the middle to insert the camera’s lens.  And using the TPL Vision mounting accessories (in option), you can easily integrate it thanks to the mounting plate.

  • MR-Dome

    • Powerful dome light
    • Overdrive, sectors, bicolour
    • 80mm and 130mm IntØ

    The MR-DOME is compound of a bi-colour LED lighting ring (2 sets of colours and 2 dimensions) and a dome reflector. It has been designed with tough production environments in mind: IP65 as standard, overdrive embedded, simple remote control capability (selection of colours and quadrants).

    Reflected dome light can be used when:

    • objects are highly reflective (shiny),
    • the target area is subject to shadowing with direct or low angle light sources,
    • the target area has some very uneven surfaces.

    The MR-DOME should be mounted close to the object of interest to maximise the effect of the illumination style.

    To minimise the «black dot» visible within the image, the diameter of the hole at the top of the dome should also be minimised. This can be done using the supplied plastic caps. The MR-DOME provides a highly-diffused light source which has no component of direct lighting. The light intensity is lower than with other illumination techniques but will have a high degree of homogeneity.

  • Small SDOME II

    • Simple, lightweight dome light
    • Current control integrated
    • 80mm and 130mm IntØ

    Equipped with new leds, the SMALL SDOME II has a lighting power 4 to 5 times higher than the previous version used to have for white and red leds (WHI & 630). The SMALL SDOME II offers a diffuse and homogeneous indirect lighting that lessen reflections and enable a reliable quality control process on curved and shiny surfaces.

    This is the ideal lighting for bar codes and 2D codes reading. Thanks to the ingenious clipping system, the hole located on the top of the dome can be easily customized, so as to fit the camera’s lens perfectly.

    Available in two sizes (80 cm an 130 cm), the SMALL SDOME II is compliant with industrial standards, including connection (M12 connector).

  • Large LDOME

    • Large area dome light
    • Continuous and strobe mode
    • 300mm IntØ

    The LARGE LDOME is the biggest TPL Vision’s dome. Either in continuous or in strobe mode, the LDOME provides a very diffuse indirect lighting. No doubt that this is the indispensable lighting for rounded shiny surfaces.

    The LDOME reveals all its potential in robotics (ex: resetting process) and also in quality control (ex: surface defects, marking reading, materials lacks).

    • BIG SIZE