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Our goal is to showcase how different products and lighting techniques are used and help you solve common challenges that arise in these industries. Find out how industrial automation can help to improve your own operations and discover innovative solutions from code reading to pick and place, deep learning to robot-guided vision.

Dome Light Hole Aperture Adapter Application

Dome Light With Hole Aperture Adaptors Used to Illuminate Internal Seals

A dome light with hole aperture adaptors is supporting a smart camera to inspect plastic caps for beverage bottles, ensuring they are free from injection molding defects. The white and infrared illumination allows for detailed imaging of seals inside the closures, even on shiny plastics. Learn how this project addresses the challenges posed by the dark spot of the camera

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Powerful bar lights enable the inspection of vehicles within 3 seconds

The carpodX inspection system can examine the entire exterior of a vehicle from roof to underbody in just 3 seconds, increasing the productivity of the vehicle handling process and the inspection and survey procedures. Described as ‘the future of vehicle handover inspection’, the fully automated drive-through capture system takes up to 4000 HD photos during the visual inspection process.

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