Dark Field lights

In machine vision applications, dark field lighting is particularly useful for detecting edges and surface defects. By illuminating the target area with a low angle of incidence to the target surface, dark field lighting effectively highlights imperfections such as scratches and dents or markings. TPL Vision’s specialised dark field lights help to create excellent contrast even on challenging materials like shiny plastics and metals, which can be difficult to illuminate with direct (bright field) lighting.

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  • MR-Low Angle

    • Powerful 45° low angle light
    • OverDrive, sectors, bicolour
    • 80mm and 130mm IntØ

    The MR-LOW ANGLE is compound of a bi-colour LED lighting ring (2 sets of colours and 2 dimensions) and a low angle reflector, with an angle of incidence of 45°.

    It has been designed with tough production environments in mind: IP65 as standard, overdrive embedded, simple remote control capability (selection of colours and quadrants).

    It is used for applications where a direct light source is considered too harsh or bright but the diffused light provided by the Dome version is not enough intensity. The light source will provide some degree of homogeneity.

  • Low Angle II

    • Simple low angle light
    • Current control integrated
    • 80mm and 130mm IntØ

    The LOW ANGLE II provides a darkfield lighting, very popular among industrial vision professionals. Equipped with new leds, this version is 4 to 5 times more powerful than the previous version (as far as white and red leds are concerned). Placed closely to the surface, it provides an homogeneous lighting with a low incidence angle.

    The LOW ANGLE II can detect any kind of reliefs on flat surfaces. It turns out to be very useful to check engravings and to highlight edges, holes and cracks.

    The LOW ANGLE II can be easily set up on a production line, thanks to the M12 connector. The two versions (80 and 130 mm) can cope with the most demanding industrial standards, either in continuous or in strobe mode.