Backlights offer high homogeneity surface illumination for silhouette inspection and other machine vision applications, such as liquid fill level and presence/absence. TPL Vision’s backlights are designed to create the best contrast for image processing in strobe or continuous modes. They come with narrow framing and high homogeneity, enabling them to tackle even the most challenging machine vision projects. Illuminate any surface from small 50×50 mm areas to large fields of view, confined spaces to very large surface areas.

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  • collimated csback

    Collimated CSBACK

    • Compact semi-collimated backlight
    • >90% surface uniformity
    • Sizes from 0.0025m² to 0.04m²

    TPL Vision’s semi-collimated backlight, the CSBACK is the perfect illumination choice for the inspection or measurement of clear plastics and rounded parts. Collimated light by definition has parallel light rays, and therefore spreads minimally as it propagates, helping to create high-contrast images needed for precise edge detection and defect analysis.

    Key application areas include the inspection of objects with rounded edges and clear parts, which may be challenging to inspect with traditional backlights due to the lack of contrast. A collimated light allows users to eliminate this effect by providing a narrower illumination angle that stops the light from wrapping around rounded parts. This also means that images of clear parts no longer appear “washed out”. The edges are more clearly defined, and details are seen with improved contrast, leading to high-quality images and increased accuracy.

  • High Power HPBACK

    • Powerful homogeneous backlight
    • Custom sizes to nearest centimetre
    • Sizes from 0.04m² to 0.81m²

    The HPBACK is a high-power backlight solution for Machine Vision applications.

    This product is the next evolution of TPL Vision’s high running MBACK+ Standard product, carrying significant product enhancements.

    Including: brightness level up to 45 kLux*, new connector making it easier and more cost effective to integrate, improved rising and falling times of 15μs and 10μs respectively and custom sizes available in 1cm steps (from 200 x 200mm up to 500 x 500mm or 1000 x 200mm).

    The robust Aluminium casing of the product can be manufactured to sizes from 200 x 200mm up to 900 x 900mm or 1900 x 400mm. This range topping backlight solution is perfect for high speed backlighting applications that require intense luminous flux. Available in Red, White and Infrared, all with extremely high brightness and surface homogeneity of up to 85%. This is the solution for all backlighting applications and quality control tasks, such as: presence/absence, analysing edge defects, liquid fill level measurement and silhouetting.


    (* in continuous working, measured at the surface with the WHITE LED version of the product).

  • Collimated Medium CMBACK+

    • Large area semi-collimated backlight
    • OverDrive option available
    • Sizes from 0.04m² to 0.16m²

    The semi-collimated CMBACK+ is a powerful and very diffuse backlight, dedicated to many machine vision applications. With high powerful LED and specific lenses, it creates a very intense illumination, that helps cameras to clearly see workpieces shapes.

    The CMBACK+ is also manufactured with filters, which eliminate the non-perpendicular light (>30° compared to the vertical axis of the lighting surface). This collimation helps to get highly contrasted images. This is why this product is recommended for the edge detection of round or thick workpieces, and also for the detection of markings or material defects on transparent workpieces (made of glass or plastic).
    The CMBACK + is equipped with a strobe entry and a potentiometer, which enables to vary the lighting power. The OVERDRIVE version can also offer a far higher lighting power. Either in continuous or in strobe mode, it has short rising and falling times: 25 μs and 15 μs. Thanks to its thin edges, the semi-collimated CMBACK+ uniformly illuminates the whole surface analysed. Moreover, the connector can be placed on any side of the light, making it easy to set it up on any kind of conveyor belts. In the base of the connector, 2 LED show if the product is powered and if the strobe mode is on. The CMBACK+ is available in various wavelengths and also in various dimensions.
    • RISING TIME: 25 μs.
  • Medium MBACK+ OverDrive

    • OverDrive strobe backlight
    • Dimming via potentiometer
    • Sizes from 0.04m² to 0.81m²
    The Medium MBACK+ Overdrive is a backlight both powerful and very diffuse, dedicated to many machine vision applications. Thanks to the high power LED inside, it creates intense luminous flux, that helps cameras to see the workpieces shapes thanks to the shadow puppet effects. You can even decrease the light power when necessary. It works in continuous and strobe mode, with very short rising and falling times25 μs and 15 μs. Equipped with very thin edges, the Medium MBACK+ uniformly illuminates from the whole useful surface, included from the edges. No hot spot to notice !
    • RISING TIME: 25 μs.

    The connector can be placed on any side of the MBACK+, which can then be set up on any kind of conveyor belts. At the basis of the connector, 2 LED indicators show if the product is powered and if the strobe mode is on. The MBACK+ is perfectly adapted to quality control tasks, such as: presence/absence, edge defects, material lack. It can also be used as a direct diffuse lighting solution, to inspect shiny workpieces.

  • Small SBACK II

    • Compact homogeneous backlight
    • >90% surface uniformity
    • Sizes from 0.0025m² to 0.04m²

    Thanks to its thin borders, the new SMALL SBACK II is a backlight both powerful and homogeneous, that perfectly fits confined spaces. Settled under the objects to be controlled, the SMALL SBACK II highlights the global shape of the objects (shadow puppet effect), which enables the verification of possible outline defects and material lacks.

    Equipped with new LED, it offers a lighting power 4 to 5 times higher than in the previous version for the white and red colours (WHI & 630).
    Its homogeneity has also been improved on the entire surface, including the backlight edges, so as to prevent the appearance of hot spots. The new SMALL SBACK II works in continuous and strobe mode, and is equipped with a M12 connector that suits the industrial standards.



  • Black & Light (Bn’L)

    • Uniform backlight when ON
    • Matte background when OFF
    • Sizes from 0.04m² to 0.81m²

    Many machine vision systems are not made of 1 single light, but of many different illuminations. And, quite often, LED panels can disturb the camera and the other lights efficiency, because they are equipped with a white diffuser, when a dark background would be required.   The Black & Light (Bn’L) by TPL Vision is an innovative solution, that can be integrated in most applications. Equipped with high brightness LEDs, once it is switched on, it perfectly highlights the shape of the products you need to control.   And, as soon as it is off, it becomes a dark background, that helps the other illuminations to work properly. Moreover, the matt materials help to absorb the extra light, and to enhance the inspection process. The Black & Light is available in Standard, Overdrive versions.

    • RISING TIME : 25 μs.

    • OEM backlight solution
    • Link multiple in a row
    • Continuous or strobe operation

    Equipped with 4 high powerful LEDs, the LED BRICK modules by TPL Vision can be easily  interconnected. You just have to plug few modules of LED BRICK all together to get very large lighting areas, easily upgradable according to the vision application’s features. If you just add an opaque diffuser on the top of the configuration, you get a perfectly homogeneous backlight, very appreciated by machine vision specialists. The LED BRICK lighting solutions can rely on the LED advanced technology at very affordable prices.

    • EASY-TO-USE,