3-year warranty for >90% of our illumination products

All LED illuminations are based upon high quality materials and renowned manufacturing techniques. Still, a failure can occasionally happen. For this reason, TPL Visions lightings carry a 3-year warranty.

This warranty implies that TPL Vision commits itself to repairing or to replacing defective parts because of a manufacturing or a material defect, once it has been observed and validated by TPL Vision.

For information, the white (WHI), blue (470nm), green (525nm), red (630nm) and infra-red (850nm) products have a lifespan of 50 Kh in continuous mode (ambient air = max 40°C). The lifespan of the ultraviolet (≤ 405nm) products reaches 10 Kh in continuous mode (ambient air = max 40°C).

  • products which are not sold under TPL Vision brand get the MANUFACTURER warranty period.
  • UV products with a wavelength under 420nm get a warranty period of 1 YEAR.
  • products provided without a control current drive embedded NO WARRANTY. We do not have any control on how the customer supplies the product.

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