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Guillaume MAZEAUD

Guillaume MAZEAUD

CEO @ TPL Vision

Thanks for being partners

TPL vision is a family company as I own all shares. I am really involved in the development, by putting lots of money and time in, but I’m now really proud to say that the growing success is more due to my team than to me. From the marketing department to the workshop, through design and sales, they all work for success every day.

Today, thanks to our new range, we are really set as specialist provider for high brightness bars and backlights. High IP level, fast rising time, high power illumination, linkable, compliant with 100% of cameras on the market, easy to mount and to connect, those products integrate all what a customer is expecting, at a very affordable price, and available within 4 to 6 working days.

We are trying harder to support you, by protecting you through fair discounts, by offering loan laboratory equipment for a fraction of the cost, by being as responsive as possible.

Our Quality level is such our daily preoccupation that we are investing a lot again by launching last year a new machining workshop dedicated to aluminum and plastic. This new tool ideally comes as a complement of our existing electronic circuit workshop. This makes TPL vision a fully integrated company, to insure a better quality control, but also with a very good responsiveness.

From the sales point of view, TPL vision is working hard to set the sale team in force, by recruiting a sale force in Germany, and by creating new partnerships all over the world. The sales team will be soon supported by a product manager, and we’re also working on new administration tools to simplify your life.

Talking about new coming products? I can’t tell you more but you will not be disappointed.

I would like to finish by thanking you for your confidence, year after year, and we ensure you that we’ll never remain asleep on our success.

Thanks a lot.”



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