Global provider of illumination solutions for identification, robotics and machine vision applications.

Created in 2005, TPL Vision designs and manufactures LED illumination products dedicated to be used in industrial processes where a machine vision camera is used. Our range is specialized in robotics applications, as sorting, pick and place, quality control, code reading, etc.

Led power leading to efficient illumination

All products developed by TPL Vision are designed with high powerful LED. These LED can generate very intense luminous fluxes, which enable a perfect visibility and reading of lighted areas. Even at remote places, TPL Vision’s LED illumination helps the cameras to lead a perfect quality control, or any other vision application in an efficient way.

LEDs, value-added illumination !

  • Power and homogeneity of light
  • From infrared to ultraviolet, all the light spectrum nuances
  • Longer lifetime
  • Easy integration
  • Plug & Light label : more

Many product ranges, in constant improvement

To fulfill the industry requirements in the machine vision field, TPL Vision relies on LED technology to develop powerful illumination, either directive or diffuse & homogeneous, according to the kind of application.

All TPL Vision’s lights belong to specific product ranges: Bar, Ring, Spot, Dome, Backlight, Specials, all of them available in various colours (wavelengths: from ultraviolet to infrared), and in different IP versions (indication about potential intrusions of liquid or solid bodies).
Designed to answer the most demanding industrial standards, TPL Vision’s products are constantly improved. For example, to cope with dimension challenges, TPL Vision has developed a specific expertise in LED light miniaturization. So, whatever the available space may be, TPL Vision is able to offer an appropriate solution.
For few years, TPL Vision has also been simplifying the use of the illumination : for example, the company has been developing an increasing number of products equipped with their own current control power supplies, that guarantee both the illumination stability and the lifespan: about 50,000 hours.
TPL Vision LED illumination products carry a 3-year warranty. More

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TPL Vision, an innovative company

Pioneer in the design and the production of high power LED illumination for machine vision, the company is constantly investing in its R&D department. Using the most recent manufacturing technologies, and working with high quality materials, the company regularly designs new kinds of illumination products, both efficient and easy-to-use. As proof, the recent launch of the Essential EBAR+ LINK, that can be directly connected to the camera, without any power limit.

Quality is also a daily issue. Last year, the company has invested in a new machining workshop dedicated to aluminum and plastic. This tool comes as a complement of the existing electronic circuit workshop. TPL vision becomes a fully integrated company, and insure a better quality control, with a very good responsiveness.

TPL Vision: more than an expertise, lots of services

TPL Vision’s mission doesn’t lie in illumination production only: the company commits itself to offering advice and other services, so as to complete successfully all the projects it has been entrusted.

  • Responsiveness (manufacturing & shipping within 4-6 working days),
  • Reliability (>50Kh),
  • Free loans,
  • Labo kits.
Involved expert, the company guides all its customers in their vision projects, whatever these projects may be. Quality, responsiveness and services are the founding principles of the company.

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