TPL Vision’s principles


TPL Vision carefully respects all the applicable norms

All TPL Vision LED illumination products scrupulously respect the CE and RoHS directives, concerning electric and electronic equipments, as well as the norm about the lighting photobiological risks. Doing this, the company guarantees an illumination usage fully compliant with the most stringent rules as far as security is concerned. Therefore, the company is fully transparent about the technical features of commercialized products.

TPL Vision cares about the planet and consequently commits itself to respecting the recommendations about reuse, recycling, and any kind of recovery of WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment). In material as well as in manufacturing technic selections, TPL always gives priority to the solutions that really respect the environment.

Last but not least, TPL Vision makes it a rule to respect an internal charter for the manufacturing of its products, so as to make the use of its LED illumination products easier. The company has created a new label: Plug & Light. Thanks to this label, customers can rapidly identify easy-to-use lights, that perfectly fit industrial standards. An increasing number of LED illumination products designed by TPL Vision carry the Plug & Light label.

Many services, to improve the customer support

Of course, TPL Vision’s mission doesn’t stop with the conception and the production of efficient LED lights. The company seeks to help its customers in their whole projects, taking into account the specific features of each application.

So, TPL Vision offers the following services:

  • professional advice about the choice of the most relevant illumination,
  • feasibility studies,
  • product loans, for the customers to test the illumination in real conditions, and to think about specific settings,
  • tailor-made illumination when standard products don’t fit vision needs,
  • technical documents, available on, in the download pages (technical sheets, user manuals, 2D and 3D drawings),
  • technical support by phone or by email for the product setting and use.

Very attentive to the customers and the prospects needs, TPL Vision commits itself to offering rigorous and efficient services.

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