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Guillaume MAZEAUD

Guillaume MAZEAUD

CEO @ TPL Vision

Thanks for being partners

“TPL Vision is a family company as I own all shares. I am quite involved in the development of TPL business, by always reinvesting back into the company and by putting in the time. I am now really proud to say our growing success is more due to my team than to me. From the marketing department to the workshop to the manufacturing team, through design and sales, they all work hard towards success every day.

TPL Vision is widely recognized as an illumination specialist (bars, flat dome, backlight) when working with large fields of view and also when faced with a large working distance. We have everything necessary for robotic and packaging applications. When it comes to the ID market, we’ve broken the mold on traditional methods and developed the more effective and efficient Modular Ringlight. Also new is the “10 minute integration” award winning Optical Trigger.

Based on customer and partner feedback, we are trying harder to support you in several ways: by protecting you through fair discounts, by offering loans of laboratory equipment for a fraction of the cost (in many cases for FREE) and by being as responsive as possible.

Complimenting our electronic circuit workshop is a new machining workshop dedicated to aluminum and plastics. This recent additions allows TPL Vision to keep full control of our manufacturing process thus improving the quality of our made-to-order products and allowing for faster response times – most products available in 4-6 days.

From the sales and growth points of view, TPL Vision is working hard to better serve all global locations by recruiting a sale force in Germany, and by creating new partnerships all over the world. Our TPL USA office opened in the summer of 2017. We have announced Jack McKinley as our TPL Vision Product Manager. We are also working on new administration tools to simplify your life. Have you experienced MY TPL Vision yet?

Interested in new solutions? TPL Vision believes machine vision illumination can be standardized.

I would like to finish by thanking you for your confidence, year after year. We remain acutely focused on your needs and will not rest in the pursuit of constant improvement.

Thanks a lot for reading. Here’s to a great year!”



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