BAR polarizer

Set between the led and the diffuser, the polarizer helps to delete the reflection of the lighting on the workpieces to be controlled. The camera, equipped with a polarizer filter, a.k.a analyzer, can then start the analysis of the parts, without being disturbed by shiny effects. Polarizer can be very useful to lead a quality control of workpieces packed in transparent plastic bags. Only available for visible wavelengths, the polarizer highly reduces the lighting power (about 50%). Beware ! Since it has a short lifespan, the polarization properties of the polarizer have to be checked regularly.



Compatible products
  • Essential EBAR+ UV 405

    • Powerful UV405 bar light
    • Lens options for different FoV
    • Sizes up to 1250mm
  • Backlight BLBAR+

    • Intense diffused bar light
    • Can be used as a backlight
    • Sizes up to 2500mm
  • Essential EBAR+

    • High performance bar light
    • Angle Changers flexibility
    • Sizes up to 2500mm