Technical support

Advice, support and technical documentation

Beyond the design and the manufacturing of high power LED illumination, TPL Vision’s mission also consists in bringing advice and information to its customers, either to select a new lighting solution or to set and use existing solutions properly.

Thanks to their sharp experience in the LED illumination field, TPL Vision’s engineers are always receptive to lighting issues for machine vision systems, from the simplest to the most complicated. They commit themselves to supporting their customers in the selection of illumination solutions, adapted to their needs. Whatever the kind of application, they know which features are essential to consider (kind of workpieces, camera model, available space, environment, etc.) before expressing any recommendation.

Besides, TPL Vision produces many technical documents, available on the download page: technical sheets, user manuals, 2D and 3D drawings. And for specific cases, TPL Vision’s engineers can also provide personalized documents, that perfectly match the illumination issue.

Besides, as far as photobiological risks are concerned, TPL Vision can provide a report about classes of risk for all its products. But the company even goes beyond: in accordance with its precaution policy, the company is able to provide a report about the minimal safety distance, and also keeps on telling all its customers to implement maximum means of protection.

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