Bar light with Angle Changers supports the absence check of labels in line scan system

Prior to scanning parcels in intralogistics, it is important to check that barcodes have been applied correctly and are facing the right way for processing. This system inspects the bottom of the cartons between the roll units, which necessitates the use of a line scan camera and suitable illumination. Line acquisition is triggered when the package reaches the right position, ensuring that only the bottom part of the box is in the field of view and that no labels are found there. As a result, all barcodes are facing the right way (outward or upward) and can be read at the next stage of inspection.

Providing uniform illumination across the entire width of the track, a red bar light with line light Angle Changers is employed. It provides intense and even distribution of light for the row being inspected, enabling high speed and line frequencies. The substantial brightness of the illumination significantly contributes to the impressive processing capabilities of this system.


  • High Speed and throughput: parcel processing facilities operate at high speeds with a massive volume of parcels passing through the conveyor belts day by day. Line scan cameras need to capture images rapidly and process the data in real-time. Managing the high throughput of incoming parcels while maintaining accuracy can be challenging.

  • Lighting conditions: uniform and high intensity illumination is needed to keep up with the high speed of the system. Illumination must be consistent regardless of the parcel’s size or the colour of the packaging.
  • Reflections: reflections from glossy surfaces can affect image quality and make it challenging to extract relevant information.


  • Line scan systems excel in logistics because they can scan long, narrow lines with high precision. Line scan illumination must be used in continuous working; therefore, it is essential to use robust solutions that can consistently maintain very high brightness. The chosen illumination of the Modular M-EBAR  with line light Angle Changers delivers the best balance of brightness and homogeneity to keep up with the high speed of the system.

  • The stable illumination ensures that the data obtained from the vision system is consistent and can be seamlessly integrated into other logistics management software. This enables real-time tracking and parcel routing optimisation. The red colour of the bar light is also beneficial, because some cameras have a higher sensitivity to this wavelength, making it advantageous for capturing well-exposed images.

  • Easy setup and integration: the line light Angle Changers are easy to attach and use. They allow the customisation of the M-EBAR’s ultra-narrow lens angle to suit line scan applications with an intense line of illumination and provide additional testing options.

Area Scan vs. Line Scan - what are the benefits of line scan imaging?

Unlike conventional area scan cameras that capture an entire image at once, line scan cameras capture images line by line and build up the image as the object is moved past the line of pixels. This makes them ideal for high-speed applications where objects are moving rapidly along a conveyor belt, which is commonly found at parcel sorting and processing facilities. The captured data is processed by powerful computer vision algorithms. These algorithms are used to analyse the data and to identify various aspects of the parcels, such as barcodes, labels, addresses, and any damage or irregularities.

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