BAR diffusers

The Transparent Diffuser (DT) aims to protect the lighting and to ensure a better lifespan.

The Opaque Diffuser (DO) transforms the lighting power to a diffuse homogeneous lighting.

The Satin Diffuser (DS) enables the close lighting of a workpiece, without any hot spots and reduces shiny effects.

By default, the EBAR+ is delivered with transparent diffusers, the BLBAR+ with an opaque diffuser. You can also order more diffusers separately.



Compatible products
  • Essential EBAR+ UV 405

    • Powerful UV405 bar light
    • Lens options for different FoV
    • Sizes up to 1250mm
  • Modular M-EBAR

    • Modular bar light
    • Angle Changers flexibility
    • Sizes up to 500mm
  • Backlight BLBAR+

    • Intense diffused bar light
    • Can be used as a backlight
    • Sizes up to 2500mm
  • Essential EBAR+

    • High performance bar light
    • Angle Changers flexibility
    • Sizes up to 2500mm