Powerful bar lights enable the inspection of vehicles within 3 seconds

TPL Vision’s illuminations are used in vehicle inspection systems designed by the CAR Consulting Group  (https://carconsulting.com, https://www.carpodx.com/). The carpodX inspection system can examine the entire exterior of a vehicle from roof to underbody in just 3 seconds, increasing the productivity of the vehicle handling process and the inspection and survey procedures. Described as ‘the future of vehicle handover inspection’, the fully automated drive-through capture system takes up to 4000 HD photos during the visual inspection process.


Metallic and reflective surfaces used on the exteriors of cars meant that illuminating these vehicles with suitable lighting was crucial to having high-definition images where imperfections could be detected easily. 

The variety of colours, textures, car body styles and curved surfaces made of shiny materials made it challenging to provide the uniformity needed for 360º imaging. Since the pods were being placed outside, the changing lighting conditions have also had to be accounted for.


TPL Vision and integration partner I2S’s solution was to use powerful, large bar lights, which were able to reduce the glare created on curved and reflective surfaces. Due to TPL Vision’s expertise in providing robust lighting solutions, CCG was able to counteract the challenges presented by having to illuminate large and shiny surfaces.


The inspection system was proven to be a success in damage capture and recognition technology. TPL Vision’s illumination played a key role in ensuring that even the smallest imperfections could be detected. carpodX systems are now widely used in ports, distribution compounds and final dealerships across the world. 

Watch the video below to discover more:

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